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The Sun Gods Woman  by  Sahara Kelly

The Sun Gods Woman by Sahara Kelly
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Annie Lynden is a journalist on the verge of covering a breaking news story about “magic”, or so she thinks. A technological breakthrough has brought her, along with other journalists and historians, to see Dr. Kyle Pendrake. A sexy scientist who seems to have made a very important discovery about time travel! Upon first seeing Kyle Pendrake, Annie finds him irresistibly sexy, but during a display of his hot new invention, he vanishes before she ever gets the chance to tell him so.Dr.

Kyle Pendrake is about to take the trip of the century, leaving him to assume a new role in his life, a role of great importance. Kyle finds himself shot back in time four thousand years to Ancient Sumer. When he meets Annie again it’s five years later, and boy has Dr. Kyle Pendrake been busy!Annie, now a bestselling author, finally gets another shot at seeing Kyle Pendrake’s invention with an exclusive invitation to Pendrake Merlin Industries.

It’s been five long years since she last saw Kyle’s invention, and Annie isn’t prepared for what happens next! She too will travel back in time to Sumer, and to a land where upon awakening she’s mistaken for someone she most definitely is not!

Enter the sum

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