Tonis Heartbeat Wendy Smith


Published: May 15th 2013

Kindle Edition

96 pages


Tonis Heartbeat  by  Wendy Smith

Tonis Heartbeat by Wendy Smith
May 15th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 96 pages | ISBN: | 10.73 Mb

With all her friends getting married and starting families, Toni has found herself wanting the same thing. Just when Toni thought she’d met the Mr. Right, the one she thought she could trust and live with “happily ever after,” he turned out to be Mr. Wrong.Being the ultimate bachelor, Joey Kindricks was the love’em and leave’em kind. He always made sure his women were taken care of and all his cards were on the table until his table got turned upside down. One fateful night, a discovery has Joey rethinking all his beliefs and he discovers Toni truly holds his heart. Now he just has to convince her that her heart is safe with him and that he’s completely serious about no longer holding the title of Mr.

Bachelor of the Year. When Joey’s world flips again, Toni is the only one who can help him through it all.Can Toni see beyond Joey’s wild reputation to spy the loving man he really is or will she cash in her chips and walk away from temptation and the one man that holds her heart?

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