I Used to be A sex Phone Operator

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I joined Bromley escorts in https://charlotteaction.org/bromley-escorts on a part time basis a couple of months ago. At the moment I am building up my dating diary so I have some time to spare. Working part time for the escort agency is okay, but I do need some extra money. So when I am not at the agency, I am doing extra hours in a call center. My boss thinks that I have a great voice on the phone, but I have never told him that I used to work as a phone sex girl talking dirty to men on the phone.

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It makes me laugh every time I pick up the phone at the call center. I think about the days when I used to spend the evenings talking dirty to men on the phone. I actually loved that job but the company closed down, and I was forced to quite. After that I was not sure what I wanted to do. After a couple of weeks, I realized that the job center was a waste of time, so I went off to join a strip club here in Bromley. That is where I met the boss of Bromley escorts.

We started to chat and got on really well straight away. I had never thought about joining an escort agency before, but I was willing to give it ago. Most of the girls at Bromley escorts, work as self employed outcall escorts so you are responsible for building up your own dating diary. I like the idea of that and I am sure that I will do great eventually. It is just a matter of getting started, but I already have some regular and I know what hours that I have to be available.

The owner of the call center would like me to work full time for him. I have told that I have too many other things going on and that I am doing a training course. It would be kind of weird if he found out that I am working for Bromley escorts and I keep on wondering what if he would say if he he knew about that. I am not sure that he would be entirely happy to find out that one of his girls is an escort.

Looking around the call center offices, I keep on wondering how many other girls have secret lives. They may not be working for Bromley escorts, but I am sure that many of the girls do have other things going on. It is kind of tough working in a call center. I am doing well, but I know that many of the other girls are not doing so well. It is a matter of confidence. I have noticed that I do better when I sell to men. Could it be that old sex operator experience coming in? I did get rather a kick out of that job and I am not sure that I want to give up working on the phone.

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